Laura Mathis is an author,
speaker, writer and consultant.

She specializes in helping people master all forms of communication,
from interpersonal self-discovery to corporate communication skills.

Laura’s blog is a personal wellness and communication blog for women, men, parents and business professionals who want to improve their lives with fine-tuned speaking skills and inspired self-improvement. The site was started in 2010 as a way for Laura to share her newsletter with a larger audience than just her corporate communication clients.

Laura has been honored to receive glowing praise for her work and writing voice, and she is proud to represent the vibrant community of people who want to become the best version of themselves as parents, professionals, and adventure seekers.

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Don't Fear the Media

Why CEO’s Avoid Media Relations

| Corporate Communication | No Comments

Why CEO’s Avoid Media Relations Media Relations is a vital skill that a CEO cannot avoid. Yet, many CEO’s avoid this prickly task and delegate media communication to their staff,…

Finding the Hero in Your Story

Persuasive Storytelling- Finding the Hero in your Story

| Corporate Communication | No Comments

Persuasive Storytelling- Finding the Hero in your Story The use of storytelling is emerging as a powerful communication tool with corporate professionals, and becoming integral to how communicators define their…


My Kingdom for a Toenail

| Self Discovery | No Comments

My Kingdom for a Toenail  “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” This famous phrase originally appeared in William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III. Today, the phrase is repeated ironically,…

The Magic Triad Structure in Media Interviews

The Magic Triad Structure in Media Interviews

| Corporate Communication | No Comments

The Magic Triad Structure in Presentations What is so magical about the magic triad structure in presentations? When it comes to developing powerful messaging for presentations, speeches, media interviews, and sound bites,…

Enjoy Without Owning

| Self Discovery | No Comments

Enjoy Without Owning Lately I am on a minimalist kick. I have completed about 10% of the Kon Marie tidying method. I now fold my underwear and it makes me…

Do We Need Hope?

| Self Discovery | No Comments

Do We Need Hope? Hope gets a bad rap sometimes. People tie the word hope to ambivalence, or complacency. Hope sounds wimpy, passive, lazy.  But after reading a fascinating book…

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