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Whether you’re presenting a proposal to a new client, negotiating a high value transaction, or speaking in front of a large audience, communication skills come into play in almost every facet of professional life.  A well polished performance, regardless of the size of the audience, is crucial for success, career advancement, and bottom line growth. Laura Mathis Communications  will give you immediate results.

"I highly recommend Laura Mathis to any individual or corporation seeking best practices and measurable results in public speaking."

− Steve Maestas, Managing Partner at Maestas & Ward

"Laura is clearly an expert in the field of public speaking and organizing an effective presentation. I strongly recommend her services."

− Zach Dillenback, New Mexico Finance Authority

"This is one of the best training sessions we have had!"

− Mike Lowrimore, Senior Vice President | Southwest Regional Manager, Bank of the West

"What Laura has taught me about public speaking will last me a lifetime."

− Drew Dolan, President, Titan Development

"As the CEO of New Mexico’s largest privately held real estate services company, I am pleased to recommend Laura to any professional organization that seeks to improve the public speaking skills of their employees and sales force."

− Will Steadman, CEO, Grubb & Ellis

"Without exception each person present gave the workshop rave reviews, and each person indicated that they found the training extremely valuable and helpful in their position as county officials as well as in their personal lives."

− Steven Kopelman, Executive Director, New Mexico Association of Counties

"Laura’s advice is practical, useful – and most of all – invaluable."

− Lisa Millich, Attorney, The Hurly Law Firm

"Even my everyday conversations have improved from Laura’s insightful suggestions."

− Brett Hills, Director, Maestas & Ward

"Each of our team members left the room with a personalized message to share with the world about who we are and the importance of what we do…. People are listening and taking action!"

− Charlene Smith, United Blood Services

"By collaborating with Laura, the room will be filled and everyone will definitely value the workshop results."

− Sylvia Vigil-Raines, Audience Development Director, Albuquerque Business First

"Laura packed the house and then proceeded to delight, educate, and inspire our members with tips and techniques to become better public speakers. We can’t wait to have her come back!"

− Lucy Rosen, President, Women in Communications


Why do we need professional coaches for public speaking skills? Seems like it’s something we all do, every day, like breathing, or eating.  Unfortunately, the fight or flight response that we all experience when speaking in front of 1- 1000 people can be a permanent detriment to your professional reputation, development,  and ability to be seen as the expert you know you are. Whether its a simple avoidance of speaking, to completely spacing out on the information you wanted to share, or talking so fast or incomprehensibly the audience is left stunned/ bored/disappointed,  wondering what you just said.

In this highly fierce marketplace, the competitive edge you gain from being a confident, relaxed, dynamic speaker is vital. I’ll help you get there, whether your goals are extremely specific,  like an upcoming high stakes presentation, or broad, like taking the initiative to speak and actually enjoy it.  My clients range from large corporations like Dell and Aveda, CEOs and Presidents, to individuals such as business owners and attorneys, and more. In addition to my extensive training in performance skills as a film and stage actor, I am also a long time business owner, and understand that to be effective, our work must be immediately applicable to your world, your industry, and your goals. I am proud to guarantee that after one hour, you will have a new awareness and skill set that can be applied before you walk out the door. Life’s too short to hide behind the podium.